Spanish train manufacturer Talgo has been shortlisted in the procurement process to supply Very High-Speed trains to be used in HS2 Phase One, which will connect London and Birmingham starting in 2026.

“This is just the first step, but we are truly confident in our mobility proposal for the United Kingdom. The Avril Very High-Speed platform has already proved to offer the lowest acquisition price and a reduced, predictable lifecycle cost curve along 35 full years in another open, competitive procurement which was awarded the last year”, has stated Jon Veitch, Talgo UK Manager.

“The Avril UK trains impact on operating profits, its capability to maximize taxpayers return, have been only streamlined after adapting it to the UK market. I honestly believe Avril UK meets all the conditions needed to make the most of the investment to be made in Phase One of HS2. Avril… it is all about sustainability and a shared lasting legacy!”, he added.

The company recently confirmed its intention to implement a long-term industrial plan in the UK which includes the construction of a plant in the UK and the creation a fully localised supply chain. The Spain-based company has already scouted locations in Northern England, Wales and Scotland, and expects the new facility to create hundreds of highly-skilled jobs and to spur the development of local talent which would then be used to supply the UK rail market with latest-generation trains.

Talgo sees the UK market with its increasingly challenging demand for more capacity and a passenger-focused rail offering as a level playing field in which its vehicles could take a crucial role, as the company’s current portfolio includes not only world-class Very High-Speed trains but also regional and commuter vehicles ready to maximise train operating companies profit and to minimise subsidies from taxpayers.

About Talgo

Talgo is a global company based in Spain, operating in more than 44 countries and a permanent industrial presence in North America, Europe and Asia. It is specialized in the manufacturing of passenger rolling stock and was founded 75 years ago. Since 1942, Talgo has evolved to become a multinational player and a systems integrator focused on offering cost-efficient and tailor-made solutions for train operators all around the world.

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