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4 Dec 2017

Elisabetta Franchi purchases 25% of Betty Blue S.p.A. from Trilantic Europe

Trilantic Europe, a private equity firm focused on mid-market transactions in Europe, announced today that funds advised by Trilantic Europe have sold the firm’s 25% stake in Betty Blue S.p.A to designer and entrepreneur Elisabetta Franchi, who gains control of 100% of the share capital through the transaction. Trilantic Europe invested in the company in December 2013 and supported the company through an international growth process, based on retail development and the strengthening of its main collection.

The Elisabetta Franchi brand is distributed globally through a network of over 80 brand stores and more than 1,000 multi-brand stores.

Vittorio Pignatti-Morano, chairman and co-founder of Trilantic Europe remarked: “For our fund, the investment in Elisabetta Franchi has been an excellent experience, both in terms of results and from a professional standpoint. Over the last 4 years, the company undertook a process of institutionalization, accelerating its international expansion and improving its network of direct stores, both in Italy and abroad. The conclusion of our involvement as a financial partner, leaves the Elisabetta Franchi group ready to take another leap forward in size and geographic expansion, having acquired all the internal financial and organisation skills, necessary to deliver further growth.”

16 Nov 2017

Trilantic Europe invests in the Oberberg Group

Trilantic Europe, a private equity firm focused on mid-market transactions in Europe, announced today its investment in Oberberg Group (“Oberberg” or the “Company”), a leading operator of psychotherapy, psychiatry and psychosomatic acute clinics in Germany with a focus on treatments for depression and addictions.

The transaction allows Trilantic Europe to invest in a leading and specialised healthcare operator in the German private psychotherapy market based on an attractive portfolio of clinics and a unique therapy concept.

Oberberg Group operates nine clinics at eight locations with approximately 560 beds focused on privately insured patients. The clinics operate under different brands including Oberberg Kliniken, SOMNIA Privatkliniken, Rhein-Jura Klinik and Parkklinik Wiesbaden Schlangenbad. Oberberg differentiates itself through a unique therapy concept based on individual, intensive and innovative treatment delivery. This is accomplished by an experienced group of doctors who are leading experts in their respective fields and a strong patient-to-therapist ratio across the network of clinics.

Henrik Bodenstab, Partner at Trilantic Europe, said: “We are impressed by Oberberg’s unique and leading therapy concept and its attractive position in the German healthcare system. Management has built a strong platform to provide acute psychiatric and psychotherapy treatments in Germany and we are excited to partner with the management team and support their expansion strategy centred on the Oberberg therapy concept.”

Prof. Dr. med. Michael Almeling, Speaker of the Management Board of Oberberg, said: "We are delighted to announce our partnership with Trilantic Europe and are looking forward to benefit from Trilantic Europe’s experience in healthcare services with regards to implementing our growth strategy. Together, we understand that Oberberg’s leadership with regards to treatment quality and innovative therapy-concepts is an important foundation for future success.”

The transaction represents Trilantic Europe’s fourth investment in the healthcare sector.

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About Trilantic Europe

Trilantic Europe is a private equity firm focused on control and co-control investments in leading mid-market companies in Western Europe. Trilantic Europe currently manages two institutional private equity funds with aggregate capital commitments of €1.5 billion. In addition to the healthcare sector, Trilantic Europe invests across industries such as consumer & leisure, industrials, TMT and business services.

2 Nov 2017

Talgo shortlisted for HS2 rolling stock procurement

Spanish train manufacturer Talgo has been shortlisted in the procurement process to supply Very High-Speed trains to be used in HS2 Phase One, which will connect London and Birmingham starting in 2026.

“This is just the first step, but we are truly confident in our mobility proposal for the United Kingdom. The Avril Very High-Speed platform has already proved to offer the lowest acquisition price and a reduced, predictable lifecycle cost curve along 35 full years in another open, competitive procurement which was awarded the last year”, has stated Jon Veitch, Talgo UK Manager.

“The Avril UK trains impact on operating profits, its capability to maximize taxpayers return, have been only streamlined after adapting it to the UK market. I honestly believe Avril UK meets all the conditions needed to make the most of the investment to be made in Phase One of HS2. Avril… it is all about sustainability and a shared lasting legacy!”, he added.

The company recently confirmed its intention to implement a long-term industrial plan in the UK which includes the construction of a plant in the UK and the creation a fully localised supply chain. The Spain-based company has already scouted locations in Northern England, Wales and Scotland, and expects the new facility to create hundreds of highly-skilled jobs and to spur the development of local talent which would then be used to supply the UK rail market with latest-generation trains.

Talgo sees the UK market with its increasingly challenging demand for more capacity and a passenger-focused rail offering as a level playing field in which its vehicles could take a crucial role, as the company’s current portfolio includes not only world-class Very High-Speed trains but also regional and commuter vehicles ready to maximise train operating companies profit and to minimise subsidies from taxpayers.

About Talgo

Talgo is a global company based in Spain, operating in more than 44 countries and a permanent industrial presence in North America, Europe and Asia. It is specialized in the manufacturing of passenger rolling stock and was founded 75 years ago. Since 1942, Talgo has evolved to become a multinational player and a systems integrator focused on offering cost-efficient and tailor-made solutions for train operators all around the world.

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Aída Prados

1 Jun 2017

Trilantic Europe invests in leading bioethanol business in Spain and France

Trilantic Europe has completed the acquisition of the bioethanol business in Spain and France from Abengoa Bioenergia for an Enterprise Value of €140 million.

The assets acquired comprise three plants in Spain (Cartagena, La Coruña and Salamanca) and one in France (Lacq).

Bioethanol is a source of renewable and clean energy that reliably replaces gasoline in vehicle engines and contribute to the safety and diversification of the energy supply. Its use in a pure state or in mixtures with fossil fuels reduces CO2 emissions, hinders the progress of climate change and reduces the emission of contaminating agents into the atmosphere. The plants are also involved in the sale of DDGS (animal feed by-product) as well as electricity from cogeneration.

7 April 2017

Trilantic Europe becomes a shareholder in Pacha Group

A group of investors led by Trilantic Europe, a private equity firm focused on mid-market transactions in Europe, has acquired from the Urgell family a participation in the Pachá Group (“Pachá”), a Spanish leisure, hospitality and entertainment group.

Trilantic Europe, together with a group of co-investors that includes investors in its Funds as well as MCH Private Equity and GPF Capital, has acquired a stake from the members of the Urgell family and will provide additional resources to finance the company's expansion plan. As part of the transaction, Ricardo Urgell, the founder of Pachá, will remain as a shareholder of the company.

The investment by Trilantic Europe represents an important milestone for the Pachá Group. The new shareholders will support the achievements and successful growth of Pachá over the last 50 years by Ricardo Urgell by further strengthening the Group’s Ibiza’s operations and also by focusing on the international expansion of the Group. The new Board of Directors will include representatives of Trilantic Europe as well as international industry experts.

Ricardo Urgell said: “I want to welcome Trilantic Europe to our home, Pachá. I am very excited about this new phase of our group’s life, where I trust that, together with our new partner, we will undertake projects that will further contribute to the success achieved in the last 50 years.”

Trilantic Europe said: “It is an honour that Ricardo Urgell has opened Pachá's doors to us. We look forward to working together with him and the rest of the team on the very exciting future of the company.”

About Pachá Group

Pachá is a Spanish leisure, hospitality and entertainment group. It was founded in Sitges in 1967 by Ricardo Urgell. The company is headquartered in Ibiza where the Group’s key assets are located and it has a presence since 1973. The Group is currently active in night clubs, hotels, restaurants, magazines, event organisation, franchises, music production and clothing and accessories stores.

About Trilantic Europe

Trilantic Europe is a private equity firm focused on control and co-control investments in leading mid-market companies in Western Europe. Trilantic Europe currently manages two institutional private equity funds with aggregate capital commitments of €1.5 billion.

Trilantic Europe has a long history of investing in Europe and has a strong heritage of partnering with management teams, entrepreneurs and family-owned companies looking for a value added partner that can support the expansion of their businesses. Relevant examples of Trilantic Europe’s partnership approach in Spain include ITP, an aircraft engine components manufacturer, Euskaltel, a telecommunications company, as well as Talgo, a manufacturer of high-speed trains. Trilantic Europe has also successful experience in the entertainment sector, having invested in Istanbul Doors, a high end restaurant and nightlife chain with European operations including outlets in Turkey and the United Kingdom.


Agnès Riousse, Grant Ringshaw

28 Nov 2016

Talgo wins the most important high-speed tender in Europe with its new Avril, the most advanced high-speed train

Spanish railways operator Renfe has awarded Talgo a contract for the supply of 15 very high-speed trains with a maximum commercial speed of 330 km/h and to maintain this fleet for 30 years after the biggest open, competitive tendering in Europe. The awarded train Avril is Talgo’s most advanced product and the only train in the market which can offer both the maximum capacity in a single deck, and total passenger comfort.

Total contract value reaches €787m and includes both the manufacturing of an initial block of 15 trains and their maintenance for 30 years. The contract includes an option to buy a second block of 15 additional units and to extend the maintenance period 10 additional years. Talgo shall deliver the first block in 36 months.

By using a highly competitive process the Spanish railway operator has ensured the best purchasing price and the most reliable train, and thus the maximum return for passengers and taxpayers. Under the specifications, bids received a maximum of 35 points for the technical offer and a maximum of 65 for the economic offer. As a result, Talgo has emerged as the winner of both categories with 29.6 technical points, a total of 8 points ahead of the next bidder, and 65 economic points, a total of 4.5 points ahead of the next bidder.

Having won the most important open competitive tender process in Europe, Talgo’s President Carlos Palacio said: “By choosing Avril, Spain and Talgo will reinforce their position worldwide as reference of quality in the very high-speed market,” said Talgo’s President Carlos Palacio.

Talgo will provide Renfe with a technologically sound product, guaranteeing 99.09% availability during the whole contract period, the highest possible number of seats for a single-deck train and the most energy-efficient rail vehicle available in the very high-speed market, ensuring shortened dwelling times thanks to its enhanced accessibility and multiplying line capacity by means of its high power-to-weight ratio.

Each of the Avril trains will have a maximum commercial speed of 330 km/h and a total passenger capacity of 521 seats. Thus by using multiple-unit train control and two units coupled, Renfe could transport up to 600 passengers in a single service, with total comfort.

By choosing the most advanced train on the market Renfe will establish a fleet ready to improve its offering along the Mediterranean coast and to cross the Pyrenees to serve destinations in France. To this end, Avril units manufactured by Talgo will have three different electrification systems (1.5kV and 3 kV DC, plus 25 kV 50 Hz AC) and several signaling systems (ERTMS and ASFA for the use in Spain and TVM and KVB to be used in France).

Talgo at the forefront of the global market

Having been awarded its first Avril contract, Talgo reinforces its strategy of developing its own technology and consolidates its position as an international reference in the global high-speed market. The company has already exported its Talgo 350 high-speed train to Saudi Arabia and with Avril now aims for new contracts in the international market, specifically in those countries who seek to maximize existing lines capacity.

In the words of Talgo’s President, Carlos Palacio: “With the liberalization of the European market, rail operators will be forced to reduce their operating costs and the ratio of investment cost per passenger. It is due to this, that we wanted to anticipate the future of the rail industry by making AVRIL available throughout our country: a faster, lighter, more efficient and sustainable train that not only saves energy and maintenance costs for operators, but also further preserves the ecological spirit that governs our time and that of our future generations.”

The most advanced, sustainable and adaptable train

Avril is the result of 8 full years of engineering and a total investment of over €50 million. Its commercial name is also the acronym in Spanish of some of its main features: High-Speed, Independent Wheels and Lightweight. The first prototype started its tests in the spring of 2014 and was homologated last May.

Thanks to their higher capacity and their lower total weight, the Avril units will minimize energy consumption and improve its efficiency. This will allow for a further reduction of the greenhouse gases emitted and will improve rail record as the most sustainable transport mode. “Nowadays, technological development must go hand in hand with environmental care to create both economically and energetically sustainable products,” said Carlos Palacio.

Avril has maximum accessibility thanks to its single, continuous low-floor deck which is at the station platform level and which provides enhanced autonomy for people with reduced mobility. Its coaches being wider than those of its competitors’, Avril also allocates more space to passengers.

The decision of the national train operator will also make easier to extend high-speed rail services to the whole Spanish network in the near future, as Avril will be equipped with Talgo’s unique automatic variable-gauge system. Thus Avril could serve routes both along high-speed and conventional lines, and thus cut travel times between northern Spain (Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque Country) and the rest of Spain.

Talgo has an extensive experience in variable-gauge systems, which are mounted in up to 800 rail vehicles currently in revenue service around the world and which are activated more than 1,000 times per day in Spain alone.

Profitable diversification

Talgo will continue to pursue its diversification strategy by developing new transport solutions for new market segments. Last summer Talgo made a technological demonstration in India, setting a new speed record in the country and validating the ability of the conventional coaches of Talgo to cut by a c.25% travel times between Delhi and Mumbai with no need of costly investments to renew the infrastructure.

Talgo was awarded an ambitious contract to refurbish and overhaul a significant proportion of the rail vehicles currently in revenue service on the Los Angeles Metro (USA), and it is expected to finish the developing phase of its first train designed for regional and suburban rail services in 2017. Talgo is also the option of choice of train operators who want to maximize the availability, reliability and safety of its rolling stock fleet.

Notes to editors

Talgo S.A. is a leading specialized rolling stock engineering company mainly focused on designing, manufacturing and servicing technologically differentiated, fast, lightweight trains with industrial presence in seven countries: Spain, Germany, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia and United States. The Company is renowned worldwide for its innovation capacity, its unique technology and reliability. Talgo is the rolling stock provider for the Haramain high speed railway line between La Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia.

For further information
Press contact:
Aída Prados

24 Feb 2016

Trilantic Europe Invests In Maugeri, Leading Italian Non-Acute Private Hospital Operator

Trilantic Europe (“Trilantic Europe”) has entered into an agreement with Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri (“FSM”) to make an initial investment of €66 million in the company to finance both organic and inorganic growth projects.

As part of the transaction, FSM, a leading Italian operator of private hospitals, will transfer all its operations to a new company (Istituti Clinici Scientifici Maugeri S.p.A., “Maugeri”). Trilantic Europe will invest in Maugeri through a €66 million capital investment and initially will own c. 34% of Maugeri, and FSM will own the remaining c. 66%. Trilantic Europe also has an option to increase its investment to a total of c. €100m, with a subsequent increase of its participation in Maugeri to c. 43%.

The transaction allows Trilantic Europe to invest in a company with predictable cash flow generation, which has an excellent reputation, and which operates in a regulated industry with stable volumes and revenues. The Italian healthcare sector is highly fragmented, with high barriers to entry and high demand, driven by the country’s ageing population and the increasing market share of non-acute hospitals.

The transaction represents Trilantic Europe’s third investment in the healthcare sector.

Vittorio Pignatti Morano, Chairman of Trilantic Europe, said: “Maugeri is one of the leaders in Italy in non-acute private hospital services and exemplifies the excellence of the Italian healthcare system. Trilantic Europe has invested in the company with the aim of benefitting from growth opportunities in a highly fragmented sector. This investment consolidates our strong focus in the healthcare industry, following the investments in Mediclinic, a hospital operator, and, more recently, in Doppel Farmaceutici, a pharmaceuticals producer.”

Professor Gualtiero Brugger, Chairman of FSM, said: “The agreement with Trilantic Europe is especially important because it will boost the expansion of Maugeri, including through potential acquisitions. Indeed, the Italian private healthcare sector is affected by difficulties that can only be overcome by seizing the opportunities created by economies of scale and scope, increasing the ability to renew and strengthen capital structures and making investments.”

The proposed transaction is subject to certain condition precedents, including the authorisation from certain Italian regional authorities of the transfer of all the operations from FSM to Maugeri.

Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri

FSM is an Italian research hospital group providing diagnostic and therapeutic services with a specific focus on non-acute, rehabilitation, working environment medicine and chronic diseases. In particular, it specialises in heart, neuromuscular and respiratory diseases. In addition, FSM conducts scientific and biomedical research.

FSM operates 19 non-acute hospitals in Lombardy, Piedmont, Liguria, Campania, Apulia, and Sicily, and has 3,600 employees, including nearly 650 doctors and researchers. FSM has approximately 2,250 beds and in 2014 generated €300 million in revenues.

Trilantic Europe

Trilantic Europe is a private equity firm focused on control and co-control investments in Western Europe. Trilantic Europe employs flexible transaction structures and has a strong heritage of partnering with family-owned businesses as well as providing growth capital to outstanding management teams. Trilantic Europe is differentiated from its competition by the firm’s history of disciplined, successful investing, the demonstrated capability to supply flexible and growth capital and to be true partners with the management of our portfolio companies. The firm often applies a “buy in” not “buy out” approach and is determined to deliver value both to the Limited Partners and the management teams that it supports. Trilantic Europe’s primary investment focus is in the consumer & leisure, industrials, TMT, business services and pharmaceutical/ healthcare sectors.

Trilantic Europe currently manages two institutional private equity funds with approximately €1.5 billion in assets under management.

Grant Ringshaw, Agnès Riousse

13 Oct 2015

Trilantic Europe completes acquisition of 90% stake in leading Italian pharmaceuticals producer Doppel Farmaceutici

Trilantic Europe ("Trilantic Europe"), a private equity firm focused on mid-market transactions in Europe, announces today that it has completed the acquisition of a 90% shareholding in Doppel Farmaceutici ("Doppel" or the "Company"), after obtaining anti-trust approvals.

Doppel is a leading operator in Italy in pharmaceutical research, development, formulation, manufacturing and packaging. The company operates exclusively on behalf of third parties as a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO). The investment in Doppel by Trilantic Europe comes as the CDMO pharmaceutical sector is expected to grow significantly in the next five years. Financial details of the investment have not been disclosed.

Trilantic Europe acquired the 90% shareholding in Doppel from a number of Italian entrepreneurs, including Pierluigi Busca who has been a shareholder in Doppel since it was established in 1994. Paolo Lanfranchi remains a shareholder in the company with a 10% holding. Following the completion of the transaction, Paolo Lanfranchi has moved from his previous role as Managing Director to become Chairman of Doppel. Giuseppe Cassisi, who has 30 years' experience in the pharmaceuticals and CDMO sector, has become the Company's CEO.

Trilantic Europe and Doppel's management team have put in place a strategy focused on expanding Doppel both organically and as a platform to acquire other players in the CDMO sector. The strategy also includes plans to increase Doppel's presence in international markets, such as the United States and the Far East, strengthening the Company's offer in research and development, strategic growth through the acquisition of niche capabilities such as injectable biotechnology medicines, and the development of greenfield projects.

Doppel, which was founded in 1994, has contracts with blue-chip Italian and international clients. The company has 460 employees and operates from two production plants in northern Italy, Cortemaggiore and Rozzano. The Company principally manufactures and packs pharmaceutical products such as pills, pharmaceutical granules, creams, tablets, oral solutions, sprays and injection vials, produced under asepsis conditions or with terminal sterilisation. In 2009, the company launched a nutrition division at the Cortemaggiore plant, dedicated to the contract manufacturing and packaging of effervescent granules.

Since 2003, Doppel has also been active in food, nutraceutical and cosmetic supplements as well as medical devices thanks to its 24.7% shareholding in Procemsa Farmaceutici.

In 2014, Doppel had net revenue of €83.4 million and EBITDA of €12.3 million. The Italian market accounted for 63% of Doppel's turnover with the remaining 37% coming from international markets.

Trilantic Europe was advised on legal matters by Studio Legale Associato La Torre Morgese Cèsaro Rio, while Ethica Corporate Finance acted as financial adviser on the transaction. The selling shareholders were advised on legal matters by Studio Legale Associato d'Urso Gatti Pavesi Bianchi.


Trilantic Europe
Grant Ringshaw/ Agnès Riousse

About Trilantic Europe

Trilantic Europe is a private equity firm focused on control and co-control investments in Western Europe. Trilantic Europe employs flexible transaction structures and has a strong heritage of partnering with family-owned businesses as well as providing growth capital to outstanding management teams. Trilantic Europe is differentiated from our competition by the firm's history of disciplined, successful investing, the demonstrated capability to supply flexible and growth capital and to be true partners with the management of our portfolio companies. The firm often applies a "buy in" not "buy out" approach and is determined to deliver value both to the Limited Partners and the management teams that it supports. Trilantic Europe's primary investment focus is in the consumer & leisure, industrials, TMT, pharmaceutical/ medical, business services and healthcare sectors. Trilantic currently manages two institutional private equity funds with total assets of around €1.5 billion.

1 Jul 2015

Trilantic Europe raises €900 million

Trilantic Europe (“Trilantic Europe”) successfully closed Trilantic Capital Partners V (Europe) L.P. and parallel vehicles (“Fund V Europe”), a €900 million private equity fund, on 25 June 2015. Fund V Europe will focus, like Trilantic Europe’s previous funds, on investments in European mid-market companies operating in consumer & leisure, industrials, TMT, healthcare and business services sectors. Investments will typically be “management buy-in” situations with control or co-control positions in companies with an enterprise value of €100 million to €1 billion.

The fund has already started its investment activity and in February 2015, Fund V Europe entered into a partnership with German, family-owned Prettl Group, a world leader in the design and production of sensor wire-harnesses for the automotive industry.

1 Jul 2015

IPO of Trilantic Europe IV’s portfolio companies, Talgo and Euskaltel

Talgo was listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange on 7 May 2015. Talgo is a leading specialist design and engineering company providing differentiated equipment, solutions and services for the global passenger rail transportation markets.

Euskaltel was listed on the Spanish stock exchange on 1 July 2015. Founded in 1995, Euskaltel is the leading telecommunications provider and only cable operator in the Basque region of Spain.

26 Mar 2015

Prettl and Trilantic Europe announce a partnership agreement

Prettl Group (“Prettl”), a German Mittelstand family-owned group of industrial businesses active in the automotive, electronics and energy sectors and Trilantic Europe (“Trilantic Europe”), a private equity firm focused on mid-market transactions in Europe, announced today the closing of a partnership agreement regarding Prettl’s Automotive Sensor Wire Harness business (“Prettl SWH” or the “Company”).

Prettl SWH, which has grown revenues by an average of 20% per annum over the past five years, is ideally positioned and looking to further accelerate its expansion in the sensor wire harnesses sector. The transaction and partnership between Prettl and Trilantic Europe will help reinforce and support the Company’s growth ambitions via relevant strategic initiatives. The Prettl family remains majority shareholder of Prettl SWH and will continue to be a driving force behind the Company’s success.

Prettl SWH is specialised in the design and assembly of cable solutions for the automotive industry. Headquartered in Pfullingen (Baden-Württemberg, Germany), it has approximately 5,800 employees based in 15 locations in 12 countries serving a global customer base of Tier 1 automotive suppliers. The sensor wire harness business comprises the production of high quality specialty sensor wire harnesses, which are used in various automotive applications including but not limited to exhaust systems, steering systems, ABS systems and airbags. The Company is also assembling wire harnesses for batteries and drive units in the area of E-Mobility.

Trilantic Europe’s investment in Prettl SWH is another example of the firm’s approach of focusing on proprietary and primary investment opportunities, identifying growth companies with an international footprint and opportunities for further expansion, as well as partnering with high-profile entrepreneurs and family businesses.

Matthias Weber, CEO Prettl SWH, said: “Together with Trilantic, we will significantly strengthen the Company’s position and achieve our ambitious goals on a global level. We view this partnership as the way into a successful future which promises above-average growth, expansion of the Company’s activities into new markets such as electric mobility and driver assistance systems as well as the continuous strengthening of our core business. We strongly believe the chosen path provides significant benefit to both our customers and employees.”

Henrik Bodenstab, Partner at Trilantic Europe, said: “We are excited to partner with the Prettl family and the Company’s management team who have done an outstanding job in building a global business with a strong reputation in terms of quality, safety and reliability.”

Financial details for the transaction were not disclosed.


Grant Ringshaw, Agnès Riousse
Citigate Dewe Rogerson – +44 207 638 9571

Notes to editors

About the Prettl Group

The Prettl Group is a successful, internationally active, group of companies. Together, PRETTL Produktions Holding GmbH, PRETTL Beteiligungs Holding GmbH and the PRETTL Foundation serve four business divisions: Automotive, Electronics, Energy and Strategic Build-up. The group operates globally through 33 sites in over 25 countries. The companies in the group are fully independent with maximum entrepreneurial freedom. Strategies, customers and markets are determined by the companies themselves.

About Trilantic Europe

Trilantic Europe is a private equity firm focused on control and co-control investments in Western Europe. Trilantic Europe employs flexible transaction structures and has a strong heritage of partnering with family-owned businesses as well as providing growth capital to outstanding management teams. Trilantic Europe are differentiated from our competition by the firm’s history of disciplined, successful investing, the demonstrated capability to supply flexible and growth capital and to be true partners with the management of our portfolio companies. The firm often applies a “buy in” not “buy out” approach and is determined to deliver value both to the Limited Partners and the management teams that it supports. Trilantic Europe’s primary investment focus is in the consumer & leisure, industrials, TMT, business services and healthcare sectors.

14 Jan 2015

Trilantic Capital Partners has realised its investment in Clarion Events

Headquartered in the UK, Clarion Events is a leading independent organiser of exhibitions, conferences and confexes. On the 23rd December 2014, Trilantic and the other shareholders in Clarion Events entered into a binding agreement to sell 100% of their interest in Clarion Events to funds advised by Providence Equity Partners. The transaction closed on the 8th January 2015.

9 Dec 2013

Trilantic Capital Partners Raises $2.2 Billion

Trilantic Capital Partners (“Trilantic”), a global private equity firm, today announced the closing of Trilantic Capital Partners V (North America) L.P. (“Fund V North America”), a $2.2 billion private equity fund investing in the business services, consumer, energy and financial services sectors.

Fund V North America exceeded its initial target of $2.0 billion and the size of its previous fund of $1.9 billion. Trilantic V North America is Trilantic’s first stand-alone fund following its emergence from Lehman Brothers Merchant Banking in 2009.

“We saw strong interest from both current and new investors in this round of fundraising,” said Charlie Ayres, Chairman of the Trilantic Executive Committee. “We are grateful for this capital and look forward to continuing our differentiated investment approach focused on patient and flexible capital.”

In Fund V North America, approximately one-half of the commitments are from new investors and more than one-quarter from foreign LPs. The fund’s diverse LP base includes public and private pension plans, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, corporations, not-for-profit organizations, family offices and high net worth individuals.

The fund will focus on proprietary investment opportunities to maintain a diversified portfolio, with a strong emphasis on partnering with proven management teams, entrepreneurs and family-owned business and providing flexible capital best suited for the growth strategy of each company.

Since its inception, Trilantic has established a sustainable investment sourcing platform, which has resulted in 14 new investments in North America and six in Europe.

About Trilantic Capital Partners

Trilantic is a private equity firm focused on control and significant minority investments in North America and Europe with a primary investment focus in the business services, consumer, energy, financial services and media and telecommunications sectors. Trilantic currently manages four institutional private equity funds with aggregate capital commitments of $6 billion.

For more information, visit

Media Contact
Trilantic Capital Partners

Mark Kollar
Prosek Partners
Tel: 212.279.3115 ext 201

17 Oct 2013

Trilantic acquires stake in Elisabetta Franchi

Betty Blue SpA, an Italian company that operates in the luxury premium fashion and accessories market under the brand names Elisabetta Franchi and Betty Blue, has reached an agreement to sell a minority equity shareholding to Trilantic Europe. Elisabetta Franchi is the creative entrepreneur who founded the company in 1998 and has built one of the fastest growing premium womanswear brands in Italy.

Betty Blue SpA, based in Bologna, had revenues of approximately €105 million in 2012 and an EBITDA of approximately €26 million. The company forecasts further growth in 2013.

Elisabetta Franchi operates in Italy and international markets through a network of 80 mono-brand stores and over 1,100 multi-brand stores. In geographical terms, the Italian market accounts for 65% of sales, while major international markets for the brand include Russia, the Middle East and Asia.

Trilantic’s investment underlines its strategy of focusing on growth companies with further international expansion opportunities. Trilantic Europe’s local knowledge in Italy coupled with its international capabilities will enable it to work with Elisabetta Franchi to embark on the next phase of the company’s growth strategy.

Elisabetta Franchi says, "The entry of Trilantic is based on a shared development plan, which will allow the company and the brand Elisabetta Franchi to significantly accelerate growth in international markets with particular reference to the markets of Southeast Asia".

Vittorio Pignatti Morano, Founder and European Chairman of Trilantic, says, “The company’s combination of creativity, professionalism and efficiency has convinced us to invest in this project. Elisabetta Franchi has built a remarkable fashion brand over the last 15 years and we are delighted to partner with her to embark on the company’s international growth plans into markets attracted by products which are ‘made in Italy’ ”.

Giacinto d'Onofrio, Partner at Trilantic Capital Partners, says, "Betty Blue is already one of the best Italian companies in the accessible luxury sector. Our role will be to further develop and raise the company’s profile as part of its international expansion plans.”

Betty Blue SpA was advised by Sin&rgetica and the law firm Chiomenti. Trilantic Capital Partners was advised by the law firm Hogan Lovells, by Bain, by PWC and by the Italian team of Lincoln International.

UK & International contacts:

Grant Ringshaw, Clare Simonds
Citigate Dewe Rogerson – 0207 282 1080

16 Sep 2013

Gamenet successfully issues €200mn in its debut bond offering

Gamenet successfully placed €200mn of its senior secured notes due 2018 in its debut bond offering through UBS and Credit Suisse as global coordinators and joint bookrunners, and UniCredit AG and Banca IMI as joint bookrunners. The 5 year bond maturing in August 2018 is B+/B1 rated, yields 7.25% and was sold at par, reflecting the conservative leverage and the strong fundamentals of Gamenet.

“Proceeds will be used to refinance debt, including shareholder loans, and for general corporate purposes. As a result of the refinancing, the company moves to an all-bond capital structure, with a robust balance sheet with approximately 1.2x net debt to EBITDA.”

Gamenet is the third largest gaming company in Italy based on total bet and distribution network, with €6.4 billion in bet collected in 2012 across a network of approximately 13,000 points of sale. In particular, Gamenet is the second largest concessionaire in the video lottery terminal (‘‘VLT’’), one of the most attractive segments of the Italian gaming market, and slot machines/amusement with prize machine (‘‘AWP’’) gaming segments, based on total bet collected and number of rights held.”

In the 12 months ended on 31 March 2013, Gamenet generated €641.6 million of revenues, €81.7 million EBITDA and €23.2 million of Net Income.

Trilantic Capital Partners ("Trilantic") controls a 91% fully diluted participation in Gamenet. Trilantic invested in Gamenet in November 2010, making a significant add-on investment in 2011 to fund the company’s growth strategy in the VLT sector. A dedicated Trilantic team managed the Company for the first 1.5 years of investment, and together with the new CEO and the rest of management brought on board, successfully converted a concession/ contract business into a fully operational leader in the Italian gaming sector.

About Trilantic Capital Partners

Trilantic Capital Partners is a private equity firm focused on control and significant minority investments in North America and Europe with primary investment focus in consumer, energy, financial and business services. Trilantic was formed in 2009 by the former principals of Lehman Brothers Merchant Banking, where they created a strong track record of investing in and building successful growth businesses. Trilantic currently manages four institutional private equity funds with an aggregate capital commitment of $5.9 billion. For more information, visit

Copies of this announcement are not being made and may not be distributed or sent into the United States, Canada, Australia or Japan.

This announcement is not an offer for sale of securities in the United States. The securities referred to herein may not be sold in the United States absent registration or an exemption from registration under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended. Gamenet S.p.A. does not intend to register any portion of the offering of the securities in the United States or to conduct a public offering of the securities in the United States.

This communication does not constitute an offer of the Securities to the public in the United Kingdom. No prospectus has been or will be approved in the United Kingdom in respect of the Securities. This communication is being distributed to and is directed only at (i) persons who are outside the United Kingdom; (ii) persons who are investment professionals within the meaning of Article 19(5) of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Financial Promotion) Order 2005 (the “Order”), or (iii) high net worth entities, and other persons to whom it may lawfully be communicated, falling within Article 49(2)(a) to (d) of the Order (all such persons together being referred to as “Relevant Persons”). Any investment activity to which this communication relates will only be available to and will only be engaged with, Relevant Persons. Any person who is not a Relevant Person should not act or rely on this document or any of its contents.

This press release does not constitute an offer of the Securities to the public in Italy. The Notes will be offered in Italy only to qualified investors (investitori qualificati) as referred to in Article 100 of the legislative decree no. 58 of 24 February 1998, as amended (the "Italian Financial Act") and Article 34-ter paragraph 1(b) of CONSOB Regulation No. 11971, May 14, 1999, as amended (the “Issuers Regulation”) and will not be listed on an Italian regulated market, therefore no documents or materials relating to the Notes have been or will be submitted to the clearance procedure of the Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa (“CONSOB”). The offer of the Notes will be carried out in the Republic of Italy as an exempted offer pursuant to article 100 of the Italian Financial Act and article 34-ter, paragraph 1 of Issuers Regulation.

This press release does not constitute and shall not, in any circumstances, constitute a public offering or an invitation to the public in connection with any offer within the meaning of the Directive 2003/71/EC and amendments thereto, including Directive 2010/73/EU (the “Prospectus Directive”). The Offering will be made pursuant to an exemption under the Prospectus Directive, as implemented in Member States of the European Economic Area, from the requirement to produce a prospectus for offers of securities.

26 Jun 2013

Spain's Talgo Awarded €482 million Contract In Kazakhstan

Talgo will supply Kazakhstan public railway operator, PP (Passazhirskie Perevozki), a branch of railway administration KTZ, with 603 passenger cars (21 trains) for long-distance services all over the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The agreement was signed during the business trip of the Spanish Minister of Public Works (Fomento), Ana Pastor, thus giving clear evidence of the cooperation of the Spanish Government with Spanish companies, in a joint effort to take the Spanish state policy Marca España to the top places.

Talgo, A Reference Railway Operator In Asia

On June 26th 2013, the above mentioned company and joint venture Tulpar-Talgo signed an important agreement worth 482 millions of Euros. Earlier in 2012 Talgo already signed an agreement for providing maintenance services to Kazakhstan’s new fleet of train cars for the next 15 years (amounting to 1.000 million Euros). Talgo boosts thus its position on Asian markets, operating in one of the countries with a higher growth potential in the last few years.

Thanks to this contract, Talgo will be able to set a commitment to an industrial business activity from 2015 to 2019. The manufacture of the cars is to be shared between Spain (Talgo’s locations at Rivabellosa –Alava, and Las Matas - Madrid) and Kazakhstan, with a gradual activity transfer to their site in Astana.

Talgo, An International High Speed Leader

State-of-the-art wide-body railcars supplied by Talgo will reach 200km/h. and have been specially designed for extreme climatic conditions (-50ºC), apart from meeting other specific requirements by Kazakhstan. Likewise, they are compliant with the latest standard requirements being developed for Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia. The exclusive and innovative Talgo technology has increased both speed and quality in service in Kazakhstan, reducing considerably the travel times, without requiring any infrastructure investment.

The signing of this agreement is a step forward in their growing strategy of business internationalization by adding a new achievement to the company’s well-known successful performance.

20 Nov 2012

Trilantic Europe exits Istanbul Doors Group, owner of the leading restaurants in Istanbul and Tom Aiken’s restaurants in London

Trilantic Europe (“Trilantic Europe”) has sold its stake in Istanbul Doors Group (IDG), a leading international group of restaurants headquartered in Istanbul, to Dogus Group, one of Turkey's largest conglomerates. The Istanbul Doors Group includes restaurants such as Anjelique, Vogue, Gina and Raika in Istanbul and Tom Aiken’s group of prestigious restaurants in London.

Trilantic Europe invested alongside the founding shareholders of IDG in 2008 which at the time had 12 local restaurants with a strategic ambition to expand the business internationally.

Over the past 4 years the business has expanded into a network of 35 restaurants across 5 countries including the UK, Russia, and Azerbaijan. IDG now employs over 1,200 people and has launched its own Academy to provide technical training as well as recognised certification in the sector.

Trilantic brought in a professional management team that together with the Founding shareholders drove the business through a five year growth strategy and which now has the expertise to continue IDG’s success post Trilantic’s exit. In 2011, IDG backed Tom Aikens, acquiring a controlling stake in Tom Aiken’s restaurants including the Michelin star restaurant and Tom’s Kitchen in Chelsea. Further plans include opening another two restaurants early next year in Canary Wharf and in central Istanbul.

One of Trilantic’s core key investment themes is the ability to successfully identify and develop European companies, including family-owned businesses, which have the capability to grow outside their domestic markets, combining local geographic knowledge and understanding of macro-economic trends. Other examples of buying into local businesses and helping management through international development have included Talgo, the high performance train company, MW Brands, the former seafood division of Heinz and Medi-Clinic, the South African headquartered hospital group.

Vittorio Pignatti-Morano, Founding Partner and Chairman of Trilantic Europe said “We are proud to have contributed to such a successful business working along side our Partners and management to grow the Doors Group into the world class restaurant group that is it today. Our values and strategy, combined with a true local partnership has yielded the budgeted returns for our investors and an enriching professional experience for the Trilantic Team.”

About Trilantic

Trilantic Capital Partners (Trilantic) is a global private equity firm focused on mid-market control and significant minority investments in Western Europe and North America having invested over €4bn in more than 60 companies since 1989. Trilantic employs flexible transaction structures and has a strong heritage of partnering with family-owned businesses as well as providing growth capital to outstanding management teams. Trilantic is differentiated from its competition by the firm's history of disciplined, successful investing and its demonstrated capability to supply flexible and growth capital and to be true partners with the management of its portfolio companies.

14 May 2012

Marex Spectron to acquire Schneider Trading Associates Pro-Trader Division

Marex Spectron Group (“Marex Spectron” or “the Company”) has agreed to acquire the Pro-Trader division of Schneider Trading Associates (“STA”) in a transaction that is expected to complete before the end of May 2012.

Marex Spectron’s Pro-Trader Services (“Pro-Trader”) is a division of the Company and is one of the largest providers of professional trader services in Europe. By acquiring and integrating STA’s Pro-Trader business into the Marex Spectron Pro-Trader division, we will create a leading global platform offering the most advanced execution and clearing services. The technology infrastructure developed by STA will be integrated into Marex Spectron’s Easyscreen platform (, providing traders with an advanced technology platform, combined with the scale and resources of Marex Spectron’s global capabilities.

On completion, the Pro Trader division will serve in excess of 1,100 professional traders around the world and handle transaction volumes in excess of 200 million contracts per annum. By significantly scaling up the Pro Trader business we will be a powerful force in the major exchange-traded products and the largest clearer of the most actively traded contracts on Eurex.

Marex Spectron’s electronic trading and DMA services (of which the Pro Trader division is part) offers traders high performance delivery of trading solutions, global locations, and a choice of connectivity solutions based on where and what is traded.

Following the completion of the transaction, Ollie Jones, Head of Marex Spectron’s Pro-Trader division, will manage the business, supported by Steven Rose of Marex Spectron and Stephen Hills and Richard Brown of STA . Sonny Schneider, founder and Managing Director of STA will join Marex Spectron as Chairman of the Pro-Trader division management committee. Sonny will also work closely with John Lowrey, Global Head of Electronic Trading and DMA Services to support the strategic development of Marex Spectron’s global electronic offering.

Roger Nagioff, CEO of Marex Spectron said: “This transaction supports our objective of ensuring that all our business divisions are of sufficient scale and capability to offer our clients the most comprehensive service with a truly global foot-print. Our Pro-Trader business relies on our state of the art electronic platforms, with ultra-fast and robust infrastructure. We are continuously developing and enhancing our technology architecture to offer our traders the very best platforms from which to operate. By combining these two businesses, Marex Spectron will become one of the largest providers of Pro Trader services in the world. We look forward to welcoming Sonny, his team and STA’s traders to continue their trading success with Marex Spectron.”

About Marex Spectron

Marex Spectron Group is the world’s largest privately owned broker of financial products in the commodities sector and a leader in brokering physical energy products. Marex Spectron has significant market share in the energy, metals, freight, environmental and agricultural markets – both on-exchange and over-the-counter. It is also a premier specialist broker of financial futures, foreign exchange and securities.

The Group is headquartered in London, with offices across the USA, Asia and Europe. Its subsidiaries are regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the UK, the National Futures Association in the US and the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong.

About Marex Spectron Pro-Trader Services

Marex Spectron Pro-Trader Services is a specialist division which provides professional traders with advanced execution and clearing services, across all supported markets and asset classes.

Our aim is to empower and support independent professional traders, professional trading groups, high frequency traders, small CTAs and arcades in their pursuit of trading success.

Marex Spectron provides Professional Traders with a suite of specially developed trading tools and services.

For further information, please visit


12 Dec 2011

Talgo manufacturing facility opens in Kazakhstan

The President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, inaugurates a Talgo factory in Astana.

The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazerbayev, officially inaugurated on Friday 9th of December a Talgo factory in Astana, capital of this Central Asian country.

The opening of this manufacturing facility consolidates Talgo’s internationalization strategy and it is an important milestone in the export of Spanish last generation technology.

Thanks to this project, Talgo will gradually renew the passenger fleet of high speed coaches in Kazakhstan. To carry out this Project, Talgo and the Kazakh Railways formed a Joint Venture in 2010 named Talgo Tulpar and on the 9th of December the factory, built in just twelve months, was officially opened in the Kazakh capital, Astana, by its President, Nursultan Nazerbayev.

An important stage in the cooperation between Spain and Kazakhstan starts with this project in which Talgo will provide industrial activity to the two countries; in Spain the body shells and wheel-sets will be manufactured and all the equipment assemblies and tests of the passenger coaches will be carried out in Kazakhstan.

Talgo, in its internationalization process, will not only renew the fleet of passenger coaches but it will also export its technology and make a significant technology transfer to this country.

The Contract

The contract was signed by Talgo and Kazakhstan Temir Zholy last November 2010 to supply the first batch of 420 cars, approximately worth 300 million euros, which will be supplied over the next three years. In addition to the manufacturing of the cars, maintenance services will be provided to the whole fleet.

The Factory

The factory covers an area of 31,000 m2 with a manufacturing capacity of 150 cars per year.

The activity of this plant will be welding, assembly and testing of the cars.

26 Oct 2011

Talgo awarded the High-Speed Mecca-Medina mega-contract

The Spanish consortium led by Talgo, Renfe, Adif and OHL has been awarded the High-Speed Mecca-Medina mega-contract

The project is based on Talgo technology and further strengthen the global leadership position of the company and the Spanish high speed model

The contract awarded by the Saudi Railways Organization to the Spanish consortium is valued at €6.5 billion. Talgo’s share of the contract is €1.6 billion, which could be increase to €2.4 billion should the client decide to exercise an option to acquire an additional 23 trains.

The project, awarded to a consortium involving another eleven Spanish companies and two Saudi companies, is based on Talgo’s technology and further strengthens the global leadership position of the company and the Spanish high speed model.

The award is result of the internationalization process accelerated by Talgo in 2007. The process has already delivered major contracts in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, the USA and Russia. In 2010, 83% of the new contracts awarded to Talgo were from international clients.

According to Carlos Palacio Oriol, President of Talgo, “the award of this major contract is a milestone for the Spanish rail industry and technology and Talgo’s internationalization strategy, as well as serving as a platform for future international tendering processes of high speed projects in other parts of the world”. At present, Talgo is commercially active in 25 countries worldwide.

The train offered

The train offered is the high-speed Talgo 350 ‘El Pato’ (Duck shape). It is the leading high speed train in Spain, with a 50% market share in the high-speed segment and runs on the following routes: Madrid-Málaga, Madrid-Valencia, Madrid-Valladolid Barcelona-Málaga and Barcelona-Sevilla.

The Spanish Consortium has been awarded the construction of 35 trains and 12 years of maintenance services with a future purchase option of 23 additional trains.

Trains will be constructed at various Talgo plants in Spain.

The Tender

The HHR (Haramain High Speed Railway) is a 450 km high speed train corridor connecting the cities of Medina and Mecca. This new track is intended for pilgrims to travel between the two Muslim holy cities. The corridor will have the capacity to transport up to 166,000 passengers per day.

The Spanish consortium will construct the rolling stock and develop the "super structure" - track, catenary and signaling elements - in addition to other structures - building of an operational control plant, high and low voltage supply, etc. The consortium will also operate the trains and provide maintenance for the equipment installed.

The tender process began on October 1, 2006 and was divided into two phases: phase one involved the basic construction and civil works including the platforms and several of the stations. The phase two contract awarded to the Spanish consortium involves the construction, operation and maintenance of the rolling stock and super-structure. In the second phase, the Spanish consortium competed against four other pre-qualified consortia: German, Korean, Chinese and French. The finalists were the Spanish and the French consortia. The Spanish consortium’s compelling price proposal in combination with a technical bid, based on Talgo’s technology, that was rated of equal quality tipped the balance in favor of the Spanish consortium.

Spanish consortium

The Spanish consortium, composed of Talgo and eleven other Spanish companies (RENFE, Adif, OHL, Copasa, Dimetronic, Inabensa, Cobra, Indra, Imathia, Ineco and Consultrans) together with two local partners (Alshoula and Al Rosan), will operate the high-speed trains on this route for twelve years from the start of passenger service.

This contract is the first export of the Spanish high speed model in a joint venture between public and private companies. For Spain it is an export project valued at around €6.5 billion, which will contribute to Spanish high-tech exports, job creation and increase Spanish industrial activity.

For further information:
Ana de Nicolás

12 Apr 2011

Michel Léonard joins Trilantic Capital Partners as operating partner

Trilantic Capital Partners, the transatlantic private equity firm, today announced that Michel Léonard has joined as operating partner. Michel Léonard will advise the firm on investments across the food and consumer goods sectors, lending his extensive experience to help identify both new investment opportunities and to support Trilantic’s portfolio companies throughout Europe.

Michel Léonard is the sixth operating partner to join Trilantic Capital Partners in Europe. The firm is active across the energy, transport, financial services, business services and healthcare sectors.

Joseph Cohen, founding partner of Trilantic Capital Partners, said: “We are delighted and proud to welcome Michel Léonard as an operating partner. Trilantic Capital Partners is an active investor across the world in the food and consumer goods sectors and we remain convinced of the opportunities that exist today in the European market. Michel’s experience and expertise will strengthen our capability to identify these opportunities and to support our international portfolio.”

Michel Léonard, operating partner with Trilantic Capital Partners, said: “Following our successful collaboration during the participation in and subsequent sale of MW Brands, I am pleased to formalise my partnership with Trilantic Capital Partners. I believe that private equity firms with a proven track record have a role to play in these sectors in Europe and was convinced by Trilantic’s reputation in the food and consumer goods sectors, the professionalism of its teams and their impressive expertise.”

In the food and consumer goods sectors, Trilantic Capital Partners supported MW Brands from March 2006 until October 2010, when it was sold to Thai Union; Italian soft drink producer Spumador, which Trilantic agreed to sell to Refresco in January 2011; sold Phoenix Brands, the US-branded home care products company to Lincolnshire Management in January 2011; and last October, invested in Fortitech, the US-headquartered developer and manufacturer of custom nutrient premixes for the food and beverage industries.

About Trilantic Capital Partners

Trilantic Capital Partners is a private equity firm focused on control and significant minority investments in Europe and North America with primary investment focus in consumer, energy, transport, financial services, business services and healthcare. Trilantic Capital Partners was formed in 2009 by the former principals of Lehman Brothers Merchant Banking, where they created a strong track record of investing in and building successful growth businesses. Trilantic currently manages two institutional private equity funds with an aggregate capital commitment of $3.8 billion. For more information, visit

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Caroline Merrell


24 Mar 2011

The Istanbul Doors Restaurant Group Acquires the Restaurant Business of Michelin-Starred Chef Tom Aikens

The Istanbul Doors Restaurant Group and Tom Aikens have announced a new business partnership for Tom’s London-based restaurants. Effective 24th March 2011, the Istanbul Doors Restaurant Group Ltd will become an investment and strategic partner of Tom’s, to both oversee his existing restaurants, and to grow the business.

Currently, Tom Aikens Group Ltd has two Chelsea sites – Tom Aikens Restaurant, and Tom’s Kitchen – in addition to Tom’s Kitchen, Tom’s Deli, Tom’s Terrace and Tom’s Events, all at Somerset House on the Embankment.

The Istanbul Doors Restaurant Group is the leading restaurant and entertainment group in Turkey. It was established in 1993 and currently owns 12 brands, which include 24 restaurants, franchises and a hotel. Its first restaurant was Da Mario, opened in 1993, which was the first Italian restaurant in Istanbul. Other sites include Angelique, A’jia, Gina, Mama, Vogue Restaurant & Bar, Wan-na, Kitchenette, and Zuma (sister restaurant to the London business). Istanbul Doors Restaurant Group is backed by Trilantic Capital Partners, a prominent private equity firm focused on middle market investments in North America and Europe.

In October 2008, entrepreneur and businessman Peter Dubens acquired Tom Aikens’ business. Tom is very grateful to Peter for having acquired the group when he did, and while this was a good working relationship, he now wants to take the company in a different direction. He is excited at the potential of a new challenge with Doors, who will bring a wide variety of strengths to his existing business, notably in terms of experience within a diverse portfolio of highly successful restaurants.

This partnership will be looking to expand and strengthen the Tom’s Kitchen brand; in addition, a significant refurbishment and re-launch of the flagship Tom Aikens Restaurant in Elystan Street is planned. This will result in a 2-3 month closure from June 2011, re-opening in early September with a more contemporary look and new more informal menu and service approach.

Tom Aikens, 41, began his cooking career in London at Cavalier’s (with chef David Cavalier), followed by The Capital Hotel (with Philip Britten), La Tante Claire (with Pierre Koffmann), and Pied à Terre (both with Richard Neat, and then as head chef). Tom opened his first, eponymous restaurant in 2003, followed by Tom’s Kitchen in 2006, and the Somerset House sites since mid-2010.

22 Mar 2011

Marex Group Reaches Agreement to Acquire Spectron Group

Marex Group Limited (“Marex”), the international broker of commodity derivatives, financial futures and foreign exchange, which is majority-owned by JRJ Group (“JRJ”) and its partners, Trilantic Capital Partners and BXR Group, today announces that it has reached agreement with Imarex ASA to acquire its 100% holding of Spectron Group Limited (“Spectron”) for approximately £94.5 million.

Operating from offices in London, Continental Europe, Asia and the US, Spectron is a leading global broker of wholesale energy and other commodity products. Spectron provides electronic and voice brokerage services for a diverse range of mainly Over-the-Counter (“OTC”) markets, including gas, power, environmental products, freight, crude oil and related products, coal, weather and metals. Spectron’s broad client base includes traders and risk managers within large oil and gas corporations, energy utilities, commodities firms, financial institutions and charterers. The transaction is subject to FSA approval in the UK and expected to close in the second quarter of 2011.

The combination of the two companies is highly complementary, with each firm a leader in its respective markets. As a leading intermediary in European power and gas markets, Spectron is well positioned for a continuation of the secular growth trend in energy-related financial market activity, with transaction levels expected to continue to respond positively to the processes of liberalisation and integration necessary to realise key EU objectives for competitive, secure and sustainable European energy markets. Marex is a leading broker of metals, agricultural, energy and financial products. Together, the companies will comprise the world’s largest independent, privately-owned broker in power, gas, fuel oil, metals, agriculture and other high growth asset classes, able to service clients across both OTC and exchange-traded arenas.

Roger Nagioff, CEO of Marex and Co-Founding Partner of JRJ Group, said: “The partnership with Spectron is transformational for shareholders, clients and employees of both firms. It’s a highly complementary combination given Marex’s longstanding expertise in exchange-traded commodity derivatives, and Spectron’s market-leading execution capabilities in a broad range of energy-related OTC derivatives. This transaction is entirely consistent with, and supportive of, Marex’s strategy of growing the firm to become the preeminent independent global broker across the commodities and financial asset classes.”

Gordon Bennett, Managing Director of Spectron, said: “The partnership with Marex provides new opportunities for the clients and employees of the combined group. Marex has a successful track record in growing its business and providing top quality service for its clients. I am excited about working with the Marex team to develop the enlarged group into a world-leader across the energy and commodities sectors.”

About Spectron

Spectron operates one of the largest global marketplaces for energy, commodity, freight and environmental products from its offices in London, Frankfurt, Oslo, Singapore and several cities across the US. Spectron Group is regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the UK and the National Futures Association in the US. Its screen-based trading system, combined with specialist voice brokers, serves users who trade physical and financial products in a number of wholesale markets, including natural gas, electricity, emissions, coal, metals and weather. About $500bn worth of products and contracts are transacted via the Spectron Group annually. For further information, please visit

14 Feb 2011

Appointment of John Danilovich to Trilantic European Advisory Council

Trilantic Capital Partners is pleased to announce that it has appointed former ambassador John Danilovich to its European Advisory Council. John was US Ambassador to Brazil from 2004-5 and was previously US Ambassador to Costa Rica, with extensive experience in Latin American economies and emerging markets in Africa.

John joins a wide group of leading business figures across Europe who sit on the council and assist Trilantic in appraising and sourcing European deal flow. The council is chaired by Lord Kenneth Baker, the former British Home Secretary.

John has a BA in Political Science from Stanford University and spent 20 years in the shipping industry. More recently, from 2005 to 2009, he was CEO of the US government development agency Millennium Challenge Corporation. He is a Knight of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

Vittorio Pignatti-Morano, Founding Partner at Trilantic Capital Partners, said: “We are delighted that John has joined us as an adviser. His expertise and knowledge of Brazil and the neighbouring region reflects in part Trilantic’s strategy to invest in the region through several of its European portfolio companies, including LeYa, the leading Portuguese educational publishing firm and Clarion, a UK-headquartered exhibition company, both of which are seeking to expand in the region.”


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Caroline Merrell

Henrietta Dehn

About Trilantic Capital Partners

Trilantic Capital Partners is a private equity firm focused on control and significant minority investments in North America and Europe with primary investment focus in consumer, energy, financial and business services. Trilantic was formed in 2009 by the former principals of Lehman Brothers Merchant Banking, where they created a strong track record of investing in and building successful growth businesses. Trilantic currently manages two institutional private equity funds with an aggregate capital commitment of $3.8 billion. For more information, visit

17 Jan 2011

Refresco Group Announces its Intention to Acquire Spumador

Refresco Group B.V. announces its intention to acquire Spumador, the largest producer of private label carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) and mineral water in Italy. Spumador is owned by Trilantic Capital Partners, a global private equity firm. Refresco is the market leader in the production of private label soft drinks and fruit juices in Europe.

Spumador is a major producer for the Italian retail market with five production locations in Northern Italy. In addition to private label CSDs and mineral water, Spumador also manufactures ready-to-drink (RTD) iced teas, sport drinks and fruit juices and owns a number of trademarks, including San Antonio, Valverde and San Attiva.

In 2009, the company generated €170 million in revenue, an increase of 7% compared to 2008, and produced a total of 958 million liters, up more than 9% over the previous year.

The acquisition of Spumador is Refresco’s second substantial acquisition within a year. It follows the acquisition of Soft Drinks International (SDI), a German producer of soft drinks and mineral water with a revenue of €140 million, which was acquired in September 2010. The acquisition of Spumador fits in with Refresco’s Buy & Build strategy, which is geared towards further strengthening and expanding Refresco’s leading position in Europe in the area of soft drinks and fruit juices. This is Refresco’s first step into the Italian market.

Hans Roelofs (CEO Refresco) said: “With the acquisition of Spumador, we will create a very sizeable position in an attractive new region. It is our first step into the growing Italian private label market, where growth of 6% is predicted in the soft drink market segment for the coming years. Spumador is a professional and reliable partner for the Italian retail. It is a company with a rich tradition and a management team that has proven to be very effective in developing the company. This acquisition fits well into our Buy & Build strategy and is another step towards the consolidation of the fragmented European market for private label soft drinks and fruit juices.”

Roberto Rossi (CEO Spumador) said: “Spumador is pleased with the acquisition by Refresco. This will make us part of a large, professional player in the industry. Refresco offers Spumador the chance to leverage on an international platform to better serve our national and international customers. The management sees this process of joining a larger international group as a good chance for top-line growth by sharing knowledge and product portfolios. This move strengthens and reconfirms our private label focused strategy, and it enables Spumador to enlarge its leadership in the Italian market.”

Vittorio Pignatti Morano (Partner at Trilantic Capital Partners) said: “We are pleased to have been involved with Spumador and to have helped assist in the transformation from a family-run company to a leading industrial player in the Italian soft drinks market. We believe Refresco is an excellent buyer of the business and will accelerate the development of the Italian private label market.”

The transaction is subject to anti-trust approval from the relevant authorities.

About Refresco

Refresco is European market leader of soft drink and fruit juice production for retail private label and leading in contract manufacturing for international A-brands. Since its establishment in 2000, the company has grown to 21 production sites in 8 countries across Europe with more than 2,400 employees. In 2009, Refresco’s revenue was €1.14 billion. The expected revenue for 2010 is €1.2 billion. Refresco is the No. 1 manufacturer of soft drinks and fruit juices in Europe. Refresco Holding is located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

About Spumador

Spumador is one of Italy’s largest beverage producers. Its product portfolio covers all non-alcoholic drinks such as carbonated and still soft drinks, RTD iced tea, sports drinks, fruit juices and mineral water. Spumador is the Italian leader in private label manufacturing due to its strong know-how and the broad range of services it offers to retailers and contractors. The company’s client base includes major national and international retailers and A-brands. Spumador operates 22 bottling lines in five plants based in Northern Italy; it has more than 400 employees and is headquartered in Caslino al Piano, Como.

About Trilantic Capital Partners

Trilantic Capital Partners is a private equity firm focused on control and significant minority investments in Europe and North America with primary investment focus in consumer, industrial, energy, financial and business services. Trilantic currently manages two institutional private equity funds with an aggregate capital commitment of $3.9 billion. Spumador is the third disposal by Trilantic in Europe in the past 12 months, following ITP in Spain and MW Brands in France. During the same period, Trilantic has made three new European investments, comprising Gamenet in Italy, Marex in the UK and LeYa in Portugal. In the US in 2010, Trilantic sold or monetised two investments in Evergreen Copyrights and Enduring Resources and made four new investments comprising Microstar Logistics, Vantacore, Fortitech and Maclean Power. For more information, visit

14 Jan 2011

Trilantic Capital Partners commits up to €50 million in LeYa

Trilantic Capital Partners (TCP), a global private equity firm, has committed up to €50 million of growth capital to LeYa SA.

LeYa is the largest publishing group in Portugal with leading positions in both textbooks (# 2) and general publishing (# 1). LeYa also has a leading role in Portuguese-speaking Africa and a nascent and fast-growing presence in Brazil.

LeYa was created through seven acquisitions over a period of 16 months during 2007/2008, which have been integrated successfully under the leadership of Miguel Pais do Amaral, Chairman and Isaias Gomes Teixeira, CEO.

The funds provided by Trilantic will be used to back the company’s acquisition and organic growth strategy, particularly in e-learning and the fast-growing Brazilian educational sector. The investment fits with Trilantic’s strategy of backing proven management teams in growth industries and markets.

Vittorio Pignatti-Morano,Trilantic Capital Partners Founding Partner, said: “This investment gives Trilantic exposure to the fast-expanding Brazilian educational publishing market through backing an expert management team with a strong track record of buying and consolidating companies and maximising returns.”

Miguel Pais do Amaral, Chairman of LeYa, said: “We welcome Trilantic’s investment at this time. It will help continue to fuel the strong growth momentum we have established over the last four years, particularly in key areas of geographic expansion like Brazil and in to emerging growth businesses such as e-learning.”


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Caroline Merrell

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About Trilantic Capital Partners

Trilantic Capital Partners is a private equity firm focused on control and significant minority investments in North America and Europe with primary investment focus in consumer, energy, financial and business services. Trilantic was formed in 2009 by the former principals of Lehman Brothers Merchant Banking, where they created a strong track record of investing in and building successful growth businesses. Trilantic currently manages two institutional private equity funds with an aggregate capital commitment of $3.9 billion. For more information, visit

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LeYa is a publishing group that operates in education and general editions markets in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and is currently expanding into Brazil. Created in 2008, LeYa results from a fast and efficient acquisition and consolidation process of seven Portuguese publishing companies, having achieved leading market positions in Portugal, Angola and Mozambique. With revenues of €90.8 million in 2009, LeYa mission is to become one of the global leaders in Portuguese language publishing markets and in publishing the leading Portuguese language authors, promoting the language throughout the world.

7 Jan 2011

Trilantic Capital Partners to Invest €53 million in Gamenet

Trilantic Capital Partners (TCP), a global private equity firm, announced that in November 2010 it agreed to invest €53 million in to Gamenet SpA, the Rome-headquartered Italian gaming company.

The investment was the seventh made by TCP in 2010 and will give the firm an 80% ownership stake in the company, which is one of the market leaders in the Italian gaming sector, with a strong presence in the slot machines and video-lotteries businesses.

Gamenet operates the third largest network of gaming machines in Italy, where recent deregulation has fuelled annual sales growth of more than 20% in the gaming market. It also has a presence in sports betting and on-line gaming.

This investment enables Gamenet to develop its current activities further, and provides the company with the resources needed to be a competitive player in the newly launched video-lottery business.


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Henrietta Dehn

About Trilantic Capital Partners

Trilantic Capital Partners is a private equity firm focused on control and significant minority investments in North America and Europe with primary investment focus in consumer, energy, financial and business services. Trilantic was formed in 2009 by the former principals of Lehman Brothers Merchant Banking, where they created a strong track record of investing in and building successful growth businesses. Trilantic currently manages two institutional private equity funds with an aggregate capital commitment of $3.9 billion. For more information, visit

11 Nov 2010

Talgo is awarded the contract to renew and expand the intercity passenger train coaches of the national railway company of Kazakhstan

The company is negotiating new financing facilities with Spanish and international banks to fund its international growth.

Talgo and the national railway company of Kazakhstan (KTZ) last week signed an agreement intended to see the Spanish rail company replace the 3,000 passenger coaches that currently circulate through Kazakhstan for modern Talgo intercity coaches over the next few years.

The work will start immediately with the initial order that has been placed for 420 coaches with a value for Talgo of more than €300 million. Further revenues will be generated from related maintenance activities and as orders for more coaches are placed.

As part of this agreement, Talgo and KTZ have established a joint venture called Tulpar Talgo, LLP that will build a Talgo train coach factory in Astana next year. The intercity train coaches will be built in Spain and in the new factory in Kazakhstan.

The Kazakh contract is a result of Talgo's successful internationalisation and export strategy which has focused on an intensive commercial effort to tap the growing demand for high speed and high performance trains in particular in the USA, Middle East, Central Asia, India and China. Talgo is currently participating in a number of emblematic tenders like the high-speed line between the cities of Mecca and Medina in a consortium with RENFE; the high-speed line in Florida; the high-speed line between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo; as well as others in Libya, Russia, Belorussia and India.

Talgo is in discussions with Spanish and international banks about providing finance for the international projects which account for the majority of orders for Talgo.


28 Jul 2010

Thai Union Frozen Products Board of Directors Approves Acquisition of MW Brands from Trilantic Capital Partners

The Board of Directors of Thai Union Frozen Products PCL. (“TUF”), Thailand's major processor and exporter of canned and frozen seafood, is pleased to announce it has approved the resolution to acquire 100% of MW Brands (“MWB”) from Trilantic Capital Partners.

MW Brands is one of the European leaders in tuna and other ambient seafood products through its iconic brands - John West, Petit Navire, Hyacinthe Parmentier and Mareblu - and holds leading market positions in France, the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Netherlands and Italy. MWB is currently owned by Trilantic Capital Partners (“Trilantic”), a leading international private equity group with $3.8 billion of assets under management. Trilantic acquired MWB through a carve out of various entities from the US food producer HJ Heinz in 2006. For the latest fiscal year ended March 31, 2010, MWB generated sales of €448 million. The value of its total assets was €559 million.

TUF will acquire 100% of MWB for an enterprise value of €680 million (approx. THB28.5 billion) all cash, fully debt financed. The transaction is subject to shareholders’ approval and anti-trust review from the relevant authorities.

After the successful completion of the transaction, TUF’s tuna processing capacity will amount to half a million tonnes of whole round fish making the combined group one of the largest canned tuna producers in the world. Based on sales, TUF will be among the largest seafood companies in the world. In addition, TUF will become one of the few truly global and vertically integrated seafood players with sales, production, and leading brands across Asia, the US, and Europe. The acquisition will increase Europe’s contribution to TUF’s total sales from 11% percent to more than one third.

Mr. Thiraphong Chansiri, president of TUF, said, "MW Brands represents a transformational opportunity for TUF to consolidate its strength in the global ambient seafood market. In addition, we believe the combination of these two highly complementary businesses will unlock synergies and create a leading global seafood company with broader sources of supply and end-markets. The investment will add four processing plants in France, Portugal, Seychelles and Ghana to our existing five processing facilities in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the USA. Our fishing fleet will also double in size from 4 to 9 vessels significantly improving our vertical integration and strategic access to tuna raw material. In addition to diversification of our end-market and production bases, MWB’s strong European footprint will also provide us with further business opportunities in the future through a strong customer base, distribution, and brand leadership. We look forward to welcoming the employees of MW Brands into the Thai Union Group.”

Mr. Joe Cohen, Partner at Trilantic Capital Partners: “We are proud to have been involved with MW Brands from its inception as a carve out of various businesses from Heinz to becoming the leading European canned seafood company. We believe that TUF represents an excellent buyer of the business and the combined company will be able to generate important synergies through procurement, new product development and global sales. The combination also constitutes a key step in the development of sustainable and economic fishery production”.

Thai Union Frozen Products achieved sales of THB68.9 billion (approx. USD2 billion) with net profit of THB3.3 billion and EBITDA of nearly THB6.0 billion in 2009. Tuna products accounted for the largest share at 44%, followed by frozen shrimp at 20%, canned cat food at 9%, canned seafood at 9%, shrimp feed at 6%, canned sardine / mackerel at 4%, cephalopod at 3% and others at 5%. In its latest Q1/2010 operational results, TUF generated THB16.3 billion (USD498 million) in sales with net profit of THB831.2 million, up 27.3% YoY and 15.8% QoQ. The quarterly EPS was THB0.94.

TUF shares closed yesterday on the Stock Exchange of Thailand at THB47.75, up 2.69% from THB46.50 closing price on July 23, 2010, in trade worth THB264.4 million.

Trilantic Capital Partners is a global private equity firm based in Europe and the US managing $3.8bn of committed capital with primary investment focus in consumer, industrial, energy, financial and business services.

Morgan Stanley and Bualuang Securities acted as financial advisors to TUF. UBS acted as financial adviser for Trilantic Capital Partners.


Thai Union Frozen Products PCL
Paco Lee
Financial Controller / Investor Relations Officer

Cubitt Consulting (on behalf of Trilantic Capital Partners)
Simon Brocklebank-Fowler / Caroline Merrell

Notes to Editors

Background on Thai Union Frozen Products PCL
Thai Union Frozen Products PCL. is Thailand’s major processor and exporter of canned and frozen seafood listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

Background on Trilantic Capital Partners
Trilantic Capital Partners is a global private equity firm based in Europe and the US managing $3.8bn of committed capital with primary investment focus in consumer, industrial, energy, financial and business services.

10 Feb 2010

Trilantic Capital Partners has Successfully Realized its Ownership Stake in Industria de Turbo Propulsores S.A.

Following a successful partnership, Trilantic Capital Partners (“TCP”) has sold its interest in Industria de Turbo Propulsores S.A (“ITP” or the “Company”) to existing investor Sener Grupo de Ingeniería S.A. (“Sener”).

ITP, headquartered in Spain, is a leading aircraft engine components manufacturer and maintenance services provider, specializing in the design, development and manufacturing of low pressure turbines and other components for civil engines (Airbus 330/340/350/380, Boeing 777/787) as well as participating in all major European programs for military aircraft and helicopters (notably the EJ200 engine powering the Eurofighter).

In September 2004, TCP partnered alongside Sener, a leading engineering Spanish group, and Socade, the venture capital arm of the Basque regional government, in the buyout of the entire indirect 27% participation of the Spanish Government in ITP. TCP’s and Socade’s investments enabled the Company to continue to develop strong research and development capabilities, its production capacity and an increasing and balanced participation in civil and military markets.

During TCP’s investment period, ITP has successfully established itself as an integrator from its previous supplier role, becoming the largest risk and revenue sharing partner of Rolls Royce, which will result in one out of every two wide-body planes to be delivered in the next 20 years worldwide having a low pressure turbine designed and developed by ITP.

24 Sep 2009

Talgo: Spanish Minister of Transportation to Support Talgo in its Internationalization

The Minister of Transportation, Jose Blanco, reiterated today, during a visit to Talgo’s factory in Madrid, that the government will support the Spanish train manufacturer to be present in other countries worldwide.

This has been the first visit of a Minister of Transportation to Talgo since 1985, according to Talgo’s president, Carlos de Palacio Oriol, who “sincerely” thanks Mr. Blanco, in the name of all Talgo workers, for his interest.

During his visit to Talgo’s factory, Mr. Blanco reviewed the hybrid train1, a new Talgo development which will allow high speed operations in electric and non-electric tracks and will be operating by 2011 to Galicia and Alicante, as well as the new trains, which from 2010 will bring the high speed train to Valencia.

Mr. Blanco stated that, as minister, he was honoured to know that “very soon, areas as important as Galicia and Valencia will start enjoying the benefits of high-speed rail” and also that “visiting state-of-the-art companies such as Talgo who develop technology that allows the most modern high speed trains.” It is therefore, he added, the obligation of the Government of Spain to “back these companies and its workers to be able to continue being competitive and allow that Spain continues being, even with more reasons, a world leader, a reference in everything related to high speed rail.” This has even more importance, said Mr. Blanco, in regards to the interest shown by other countries and in particular by the president of the Untied States Barack Obama, in the Spanish high speed rail.

On the one hand, the fact that the world’s first economic power recognized Spain as a leader and a reference in high speed rail is very important for us” and on the other hand, “it was also important that they knew our companies involved in the high speed rail very well.”

“We have to indeed congratulate Talgo for having recently sold trains in the U.S,” added Mr. Blanco, “I believe this is a good start and I am sure that thanks to Talgo professionalizm, they will be able to increase its internationalization.”

At the same time, Talgo’s President added that Mr. Blanco’s visit “is a motivation to maintain our highly recognized work.”

During the visit, Talgo also presented to the Minister its future high speed/high capacity train, named AVRIL, which will be a “reference in the future of high speed and possibly our reference train for the export market.” It is a 100% Spanish train, with a Talgo traction, that will respond to the needs of the high speed rail of the future (environmentally friendly and accessible), and which “we believe could be a success in the international market.”

(1) hybrid electric/diesel traction which will allow the reach of high speed rail to areas without the need of expensive investments in infrastructure

17 Jul 2009

Talgo: Governor Doyle Announces Agreement with Talgo to Bring New Trains, Assembly and Maintenance Facilities to Wisconsin

Governor Jim Doyle today announced an agreement with the Spanish train manufacturer Talgo to put two Talgo train sets into service in Wisconsin and to establish new assembly and maintenance facilities in the state. The rail car assembly plant will support the delivery of Talgo trains throughout the country.

“We are pleased to welcome Talgo to Wisconsin,” Governor Doyle said. “I can’t wait for our Midwestern travelers to experience first-hand the comfort, modern amenities and expanded seating capacity on these wonderful trains. In addition, the company will use Wisconsin workers and skills to assemble and maintain Talgo trains. This relationship has the potential to create even more jobs, gives the state a major role in the growth of an exciting transportation industry and helps us move forward with our vision for high speed passenger rail service in the Midwest.”

Talgo officials joining Governor Doyle to make the announcement in Madison included Antonio Perez, CEO and president of Talgo Inc., the company’s U.S. subsidiary, and Jose Maria Oriol, CEO and president of Patentes Talgo, Spain.

"After 14 years of track record in the US market and having participated in the Midwest Regional Rail Initiative in 2000, Talgo is very excited to have its equipment selected again as the most suitable for the Madison-Milwaukee-Chicago Corridor,” Antonio Perez said. “We are very excited with the opportunity of manufacturing high speed trains in Wisconsin and helping to bring economic development and the option for proven intercity passenger rail equipment to the Midwest region. We appreciate the leadership from Governor Doyle in this very important step towards accomplishing the new Administration's Vision."

Wisconsin will purchase two, 14-car train sets for $47 million. The agreement provides an option to buy two additional train sets if the state is successful in securing federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding for the extension of passenger rail service from Milwaukee to Madison.

Talgo cars are made of aluminum alloy with welded seams to form a structural frame making them lighter weight and stronger than traditional rail cars. The rail cars use passive tilt technology that allows the cars to navigate curves at higher speeds with less car tilting and to ride smoother at higher speed, greatly enhancing passenger comfort.

The trains will be put into service on the Amtrak Hiawatha Service with the cars pulled by existing locomotives. Each train set provides a seating capacity of 420 compared to the current capacity of 350. The popular Amtrak Hiawatha Service provides daily trips between Chicago, Illinois, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ridership on the Hiawatha Service continues to grow, with more than 766,000 riders in 2008, a 24% increase over 2007.

“I’m delighted the State of Wisconsin has taken the bold step to purchase modern, new passenger rail equipment,” said Amtrak Chairman of the Board Thomas Carper. “Amtrak has had a great response to Talgo train equipment on its Cascades Service in the Pacific Northwest, and we are confident travelers on the Hiawatha Service will have the same reaction. Wisconsin has always been one of Amtrak’s strongest state partners, and we congratulate Governor Doyle on this important and exciting initiative that will bring new levels of comfort and convenience to intercity travelers.”

The locations of the assembly and maintenance facilities have not yet been determined, but are likely to be in south central or southeastern Wisconsin. Together, the assembly and maintenance facilities are expected to create about 80 jobs for Wisconsin workers, with the potential for more jobs as operations grow.

Aluminum alloy structural frame parts for the Talgo trains will be manufactured in Spain and then shipped to Wisconsin for assembly. Talgo will be working with Wisconsin and other U.S. vendors to supply parts for outfitting the trains.

The dedicated rail car maintenance facility will provide ongoing service for equipment used in the Midwest. Talgo currently operates a maintenance facility in Seattle, Washington, to service Amtrak Cascades trains.

16 Jul 2009

Istanbul Doors: Company Receives a Special Award at the Retailer Awards Recently Held in Istanbul

The Retail Sun Awards, organized as a part of Retail Days, were handed out in 12 categories this year with a ceremony held Thursday night in Istanbul.

The Retail Sun Awards, held by Soysal, a training and consultancy company specializing in retail business and sponsored by CardFinans, took place at the Bosphorus with the participation of 600 guests from retail sector and the business and art worlds.

Lifetime Achievement

Kerim Kerimol, a prominent figure of Turkey’s ready wear sector, received the Lifetime Achievement Award during the ceremony. The Favorite Retailer Award was handed out in two categories; Istikbal received the award in the furniture category, while McDonalds was the award recipient in the fast-food/café/restaurant category.

The Istanbul Doors Restaurant obtained the CardFinans Special Award while Ash Karadeniz, managing director of Boyner Buyuk Magazacilik, received the Most Successful Professional Manager Award for Markets; and Huseyin Okumus from Metro Group Asset Management won the Most Sucessful Professional Manager Award for Shopping Centers.

Gunduz Bayer, managing director of Metro Group Asset Management Turkey obtained the Contribution to Retail Award. Groseri Market was the recipient of the Best Human Resources Application Award.

9 Apr 2009

Istanbul Doors: Group Launches New Italian Restaurant Concepts

With the opening of new restaurants “Mama” and “GINA,” Istanbul Doors continues to act as an industry pioneer establishing new trends and concepts while maintaining their traditions of class and quality product.

Located in the Kanyon shopping mall in Istanbul and serving up to 160 customers, GINA attracts diners with its authentic Mediterranean cuisine, offering fresh homemade pastas, pizzas, paninis and salads to go with a rich bar and wine menu.

Located in Rumeli Hisari, Istanbul, Mama serves a variety of Italian food and has offers a picturesque view of the Bosporus River instilling a serene ambience for dining and drinks.

GINA and Mama represent a marriage of quality Italian cuisine with a fresh and chic atmosphere. The additions of both fall in line with Istanbul Doors’ initiatives of growth, novel concepts, and diversity.


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