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ESG Policy


Exhibit 1: ESG Guidelines


  • Consideration of the impact that the portfolio company’s operations/products/services have on the environment (e.g. climate change, pollution levels, etc.)

  • Review compliance by the portfolio company with the relevant environmental regulatory bodies

  • Evaluation of potential measures to reduce the environmental footprint of the portfolio company, following acquisition, either in its manufacturing facilities, transportation / delivery and waste management where applicable

  • Continuous review of cost efficiencies and commercial opportunities through actively managing the environmental impact of the business

  • Engagement of detailed Environmental Due Diligence when appropriate (ERG / Big 4 have performed a detailed environmental DD on all the opportunities brought to the Investment Committee)


  • Review the portfolio company’s adherence to fair trade practices when sourcing, pricing and distributing products and services (e.g. working conditions, fair market pricing etc.)

  • Assess how the portfolio company sources raw materials

  • Review adherence to domestic health and labour standards

  • Prohibit unlawful child labour or other forms of forced labour

  • Track whether the portfolio company addresses social metrics such as employee turnover and satisfaction within the company

  • Review the portfolio company’s engagement with local communities and charities as well as support of employees with regards to charitable work / supporting humanitarian actions

  • Avoid discrimination in human resources policies and processess


  • Review compliance by the portfolio company with applicable local and national laws

  • Review/establish as appropriate anti-corruption practices, including extortion and bribery

  • Establish a proper decision-making board of directors that acts in the best interest of the company, including appointment of independent directors, as appropriate

  • Review/establish as appropriate the portfolio company’s policy on disclosure and transparency with relevant stakeholders

  • Ensure portfolio company’s diligent and transparent cooperation with regulatory and supervisory authorities


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